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Holocaust Survivor Support

About the Holocaust Survivor Support Program

Recent studies indicate that 80,000 Holocaust Survivors are living today in the United States—and more than 30,000 are living at or near poverty. There are nearly 100 known Holocaust Survivors living in the Greater Rochester area, all of whom are aging and need access to the best care possible.

JFS Rochester provides a range of services to support our community’s Holocaust survivors, including care management services, counseling for survivors and their families at The Counseling Center at JFS, and access to emergency and quality-of-life supports. Care management services include advocacy, care coordination, and assistance with accessing benefits and services. Emergency supports include dental and vision care, medical equipment, home essentials, transportation, emergency homecare, rent, home repair, utilities, and food. The goal of the program is to help survivors remain as independent as possible and age in place with dignity and respect.

In addition to these essential services, JFS Rochester also offers social programming and events for Holocaust survivors, such as monthly gatherings and commemorative events. We proudly partner with other local organizations to provide educational opportunities for the wider community to learn about the experiences of Holocaust survivors and the importance of preserving their stories for future generations. 

Holocaust survivors are living witnesses to one of the darkest periods in human history, and their stories provide invaluable insight into the atrocities committed during that time. Their firsthand accounts help us understand the magnitude of the Holocaust and the impact it had on individuals, families, and communities. As survivors age, it is important that we continue to listen to their stories, honor their experiences, and ensure they have access to services and supports through their final years.


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