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Who JFS Rochester Serves

JFS Rochester is dedicated to helping anyone throughout the community that has a need for care management, mental health support, access to food and financial support and connections to other services our community offers, including adults of all ages; babies, children & adolescents; families & parents; caregivers; and people with disabilities.

We understand that each of these groups has unique needs, and we strive to provide them with the support and resources they need to achieve their ideal outcomes.

Accessible To All

JFS has a long history of serving the Greater Rochester community, providing essential human services to those in need for over a century. JFS is a community organization that is often perceived as catering exclusively to the Jewish population, however, all of our programs are inclusive and available to anyone in need, regardless of their religious background. Our commitment to serving all members of the community is rooted in the belief that every person deserves access to resources and support that can improve their well-being. JFS recognizes that human needs are not confined to one particular group; we’re dedicated to providing services that are inclusive and accessible to all.

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