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at Ellison Park Apartments

About the Ellison Park Apartments Retirement Community Program

NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) uses an innovative model for aging in place in a resident’s own apartment at Ellison Park Apartments for those 60 years of age or older. Services provided by the on-site social worker are free of charge to eligible residents. NORC seniors continue to grow and learn, maintain their independence, and enhance their quality of life by making new friends and actively participating in their community.

Our team of care managers and volunteers work closely with NORC seniors to provide them with a wide range of support services, including health and wellness programs, transportation assistance, home repair and modification services, and social and recreational activities. By providing these services and resources, we help NORC seniors to stay connected with their community and maintain their independence and well-being.


For more information. Contact Talya Brea at or call (585) 288-3442.


Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)
31B Bobrich Drive
Rochester, NY 14610 (Map)

The NORC at Ellison Park Apartments is made possible with funding from the New York State Office of Aging and is a partnership of Jewish Family Services and Eastwood Management.


Volunteers are vital to the NORC program. Apply to become a NORC volunteer today!