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Life and Legacy

Life and Legacy LogoJewish tradition teaches that one of our key duties is to make the world a better place for future generations.  The simple truth is that without bequests and planned giving, Jewish Family Services (JFS) will not be able to respond to many of the future needs of our community. Planned giving will enable JFS to continue helping those in need at any time and at any place for many generations to come.  

Legacy Donors like you are people who want to ensure the well-being of the vulnerable among us.  Please join us and demonstrate your commitment to a strong and robust Jewish Community by leaving a legacy gift for future generations. Whether you use a will or other estate planning vehicle, your generosity can do a world of good. An estate planning professional can help you start this rewarding process.

JFS Foundation LogoFor nearly 100 years, JFS has supported the community in times of need and with your help, we plan to do the same for another 100 years.

JFS thanks our Life & Legacy donors

  • Anonymous
  • Renee Alper
  • John & Jane August
  • Stuart Bobry
  • Ralph & Debra K. Brenner
  • Ellen and Jonathan Broder
  • Josephine & Simon* Braitman
  • David Clar
  • Barbara and Richard Connor
  • Michael & Joany Cooper
  • Daphne Futerman
  • Elyse Lubin Gilman
  • Isobel Goldman
  • Sorina & David Goldstein
  • Marvin & Barbara Gray
  • Howard J. Grossman
  • Oren Harary
  • Warren H. Heilbronner
  • Michalene & Brett Kinsler
  • Maurice M. Landesberg
  • Kristen Lang
  • Norman & Donna Lederman
  • Dr. Steven and Fraida Levinson
  • Camilla Maas
  • James E. Marsh
  • Theodore B. Max
  • William Nelkin
  • Karen and Ronald Newman
  • Lynda B. Newman
  • Linda Reynolds
  • Arnold & Hannah Rosenblatt
  • Susan Rosenblatt
  • Sydney Rozenzweig
  • Neil Ruda
  • Jennie I. Schaff
  • Joan & Arthur Segal
  • Marc & Deb Solomon
  • Janet V. Sunkin*
  • Gussie Tanenhaus
  • Michael K. Tanenhaus
  • Lisa & Dan Tellem
  • Evan & Camille Verbofsky
  • Chelsea Wagner
  • Sheila Weinbach
  • Bev and Morrie Weinstein

                                                        * Z”L