Looking to grow your family through adoption? We are here to help.

The reasons that prompt an individual or family to adopt are intensely personal. Once the decision to proceed with adoption has been made, JFS expertise helps move the process forward. JFS believes that every child deserves to have a permanent family that will offer unconditional love and help him or her reach their full potential. Whether building families through domestic, international or foster care adoptions, JFS strives to find homes for children. In any given year, enhanced by our Hague Certification, JFS works with approximately eighty families wishing to adopt.

Our commitment to families includes assistance and support that begins with their first phone call and continues beyond the finalization of their adoption. Waiting to adopt a child can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Over the years, the Adoption Program has established an excellent reputation based on warmth and understanding of the family experience. Aspiring parents know that when they come to JFS they are accessing not only a sliding fee scale but also expert staff who will act as their guide during the adoption process. Those who need the support of counseling services can speak with a JFS Counselor at any stage in their adoption.

JFS is proud, honored and privileged to be involved in the creation of families. We are dedicated to the success of each adoption we undertake.


More on Adoption

JFS provides regular adoption information meetings on all aspects of adoption (domestic, international, private and adoption of waiting children). These meetings are free and open to the public.

The JFS Adoption Staff is available to answer questions about programs and services by telephone or e-mail. They will provide in-depth, individualized consultation for families considering adoption on a fee for service basis.

Adoption Home Studies

As an authorized New York State adoption agency, JFS helps find families for children. JFS conducts pre-placement home studies for prospective adoptive parents that fulfill the requirements of domestic, international and public placing agencies, as well as for private adoptions.

JFS networks with domestic and international placing agencies to ensure that clients have met all requirements in order to receive a referral of a child for adoption.

JFS completes Court ordered investigations for step-family, kinship and co-parent adoptions, as well as for refinalizations.

Post-placement Supervision and Support

After placement, JFS conducts all necessary post-placement visits and prepares reports according to the requirements of the placing entities and the State.

The Adoption Staff is available to adoptive families for consultation and support during the adjustment process.

We maintain active involvement with other adoption professionals, service providers and adoptive parent support groups in the area.

Adult Adoptee Services

JFS is a MCVAR (Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry) agency. In this role, JFS helps adult adoptees with obtaining all legally available information from their JFS record and supports them in their search for birth-family information.

For more information, please call us at (585) 461-0110.

Hague Accredited

JFS is Hague Accredited and has status as a fully accredited international adoption service provider.

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