We are always working for you!

All phone numbers are (585) 461-0110, followed by the extension below (unless otherwise stated).

Leadership Team

Janet V. Sunkin, President/CEO
Ext. 112
Barbara A. Connor, Chief Administrative Officer
Ext. 128
Kristen Lang, Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 113
Dee Schwartz, Director of Aging
ext. 114

Agency Staff (alphabetical order)

Talya Brea, LCSW, NORC Program Coordinator
(585) 288-3442
Chris Doyle, Baby Safe Sleep Coordinator
Ext. 149
Leslie Friedman, LCSW-R, Clinical Social Worker
Ext. 105
Laura P. Glasner, LCSW-R, Director of Adoption
Ext. 122
Howard Grossman, Pencils & Paper Coordinator
(585) 736-4610
Linda Haddad, Transportation Supervisor
Ext. 108
Mandy Hartman, Volunteer Coordinator
(585) 736-4610
Nancy Hiller, Administrative Staff
Ext. 111
Julie Kashtan, Brighton Your Wardrobe Manager
(585) 270-4311
Esti Kilimnick, LMSW, Case Manager
(585) 271-5355
Kelly Kreiley, EISEP, Care Manager
Ext. 119
Nathaniel Merritt-Mervine, BSW, EISEP Coordinator
Ext. 250
Beverly Schojan, Administrative Staff
Ext. 125
Lauren Tatanus, LMSW, Community Case Manager
Ext. 123
Ann Weinstein, RN, EISEP, Nurse Case Manager
Ext. 116
Jennifer Weinstein, Marketing Director
Ext. 248